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Boston Marathon

Join our virtual fitness challenge and complete the Boston Marathon! All registered participants begin the virtual marathon at Hopkinton on March 27. The Boston Marathon will cover a total distance of 26.2 miles. An average participant will run 4.37 virtual miles each week and reach the finish line in Boston at the conclusion of this sixweek challenge. Team-up option is available - six runners required for each team. The number of virtual miles each participant moves along the Boston Marathon course will be determined by the number of individual points earned by following the program guidelines for exercise, nutrition, sleep, and hydration as compared to the entire challenge average points. Exercise, eat right, sleep, and hydrate your way to Boston!
Fitness Challenge Guidelines March 27 - May 7:

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EHA Wellness Challenges

Wellness doesn't need to be fancy, just faithful and friendly!

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Stretch To Health

Challenge Guidelines February 2017: Progress Due 3/10

Boston Marathon

Challenge Guidelines: March 27 - May 7
  • Exercise 30 minutes, five days per week
  • Eat two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables, five days per week
  • Sleep seven to nine hours, five nights per week
  • Drink five cups (40 ounces) of water, five days per week

Read The Label

Challenge Guidelines June 2017:
  • Reduce or eliminate carbohydrates from added sugars.
  • Read Nutrition Facts Labels on packaged items you consume.

A Good Night's Sleep

Challenge Guidelines August 2017:
  • Read A Good Night's Sleep - 127 pages
  • Sleep 7 - 9 hours each night.
  • Time begins when you get into bed and ends when you get out.

Exercise For Energy

Challenge Guideline: Quarterly
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes day

Eat For Health

Challenge Guideline: Quarterly
  • Eat at least two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables each day

Sleep For Success

Challenge Guideline: Quarterly
  • Sleep at least seven to nine hours each night

Hydrate For Power

Challenge Guideline: Quarterly
  • Drink five cups (40 ounces) of water each day

What We Do

We are all about encouraging, tracking, and rewarding health behavior adherence for life. What we know is good. What we do is best. EHA Wellness is all about doing! Engagement levels and participation rates are the most important success measurements. Wellness doesn't need to be fancy, just faithful and friendly!

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