February 27, 2015

  • Stop Stress Now - February 2015
    To some, stress is nothing more than an "edgy" employee that is difficult to work with. However, if left unchecked, stress can lead to lost productivity, low morale and a tremendous rise in healthcare costs. Stop Stress This Minute outlines quick and easy methods to help you control and/or manage stress. This book is designed to teach you how to lower your stress right now. A fully illustrated resource of healthy coping techniques, Stop Stress This Minute is the perfect choice to help self-regulate, regain control and stop stressing. Register today and receive this excellent resource to read, use, and share. Participants will also receive The Stress Tester. This small card measures your stress level as either relaxed, calm, tense, or stressed. Under stress, your capillaries constrict and your hands feel cold. The sensor pad on the card detects temperature differences and changes color as a result. Watch book introduction video now.
  • Unplug & Rewire - December 2014 - Gift Card Winners Posted
    Program Report | Recipe Book (Includes Daily Tips) | Write It Down

Welcome to Educators Health Alliance Wellness Program! We believe inspired work comes from a healthy workforce. The EHA Wellness Program is always optional and voluntary and provides many wonderful opportunities for employees to improve their health - along with improving morale at worksite. More than 200 EHA groups with over 41,000 members are currently participating across the state.

We are all about encouraging, tracking, and rewarding health behavior adherence for life. What we know is good. What we do is best. EHA Wellness is all about doing! Wellness doesn't need to be fancy, just faithful and friendly. Practical and useful incentives. Friendly format with real results.